Selasa, 22 Juli 2014

Am i loser?

The hardest think in the world : first, let your charming loving your bestfriend, second, leave when you want to stay, and third, release your dream when you really want to get it. Today, i think release my dream is the hardest thing that i must face. I hear my bestfriend has accepted in medical faculty, its make me down, honestly. I'm happy and proud to her. Yes, i love her so much. She get her dream and i'm so proud to her. But the problem is.....its my dream too. I have release my medical faculty first. I guess maybe become a law student is my best way. But, i just sad, dissapoited, and feel nothing. I'm nothing. My father doesn't proud to me, my friends, and even my boyfriend, i think they don't feel proud to me. It's a bad feeeling. Worst. I'm nothing. Nobody want to see me in law faculty. I'm a dreamer. I'm fucking stupid to dreaming about medical faculty. Am i loser? Yes, a loser....

Senin, 21 Juli 2014

A hello from me again

Hallo bloggy, i'm so sorry to forget and not post anything in this blog for a long long long time. Oke, you can call a busy girl yesterday. But from today, i promise i'll give you a newest posting as often as i can. are you by the way? How about your school? And how about your university? You get a university you want? I hope yaaa, ok? But me? Ha-ha. I have an unsuccess street for this year i guess. My father ask me to continue my school in medical faculty, i had try my best. I was study every single time, get a course everyday, i even had study before my friends talk about university, before the last exam exactly. but what?  i don't success, guys. It's so funny, its not a kidding. But its so much funny. Hahahaa i laugh when i remember that my efforts was be fail. That i have lost. Sometime i think that i'm a loser. But wait, i have trying. My mother has paid a good teacher privat to teach me. I also have study every night. So, even if i get lost at least i'm not a loser, isn't it? 
Now you can find me in the faculty of law UII. I hope this is the best way that Allah give to me. We can make a dream, try to make it true, but Allah is the one who know what is the best way for us. Right? 
So, hei lawyer. I will catch youuuuu now :)) 

Sabtu, 07 Desember 2013


Wow it was so long since the last time i opened this blog.  Guys, how are you? I missing you all by the way. Pardon me to do not post anything for so long. Become a student in grade 12 are take my time exactly. Everyday i just go to school, have some course then study to the next test and always like that. Guys, i want to tell that i'm in a relationship now. hihihi. It has been spend about 10 month. Maybe it not yet too long, but this relationship feel like "nano - nano" relationship i have ever get. You know, when you be with someone then you both spending your time and never feel bored and you feel like you have a different feeling everyday, sometime you cry, then you laugh then he is lie and you become so blue, and laugh again, and oh my God, i feel like that with this person. Maybe i will tell you much more in the next posting :p But, in short have a busyness in my school test then have a boyfriend that always behind me  and also my friends/family who always accompany me make me can't be focus for other. but, if i have a spare time i will push up myself to share my story with you guys in this blog.

Yesterday i re-read my old post then i realize how bad my english there. I have been join  LIA English course is about 2 years and i'm in the three of four high level there and Insyaallah 3 month again i will finish that. But why i still can't  arrange my sentence to be a good sentence with the right grammar?Okey, i probably sure that i can, but i just lazy to open my book then i check the right grammar to make a good sentence. I'm so sorry guys, but now i promise to be more care with my grammar.


Selasa, 30 Juli 2013

A Miracle of PINK

Guys, aku gak tahu dunia ini yang aneh atau karena Tuhan yang bener - bener baik, keajaiban itu nyata. Pada akhirnya aku ngerti kenapa para Ustadz dan bahkan Al-qu'an menyuruh kita untuk tidak bosan - bosannya memanjatkan do'a, ya. Karna do'a itu keajaiban. Do'a itu adalah bukti bahwa kita percaya Tuhan. Maka Tuhan pun akan bahagia saat kita memanjatkan do'a kepada- Nya. Enggak mau munafik ya, kadang aku lelah saat aku berdo'a bahkan setiap detik, namun do'a yang aku panjatkan belum kunjung di kabulkan. Tapi terkadang aku tersadar, tidak ada do'a yang tidak di kabulkan. Pilihannya adalah di kabulkan atau di berikan yang lebih baik. Arti dari "dikabulkan" pun ada beberapa macam, di kabulkan detik ini juga, besok, besoknya lagi, bulan depan, atau bahkan beberapa tahun lagi, sebenarnya semuanya itu tergantung dari kesiapan kita dalam mendapatkan apa yang kita minta. Contohnya, kita minta sesuatu. Do'a sudah kita panjatkan dari ber bulan - bulan yang lalu, tapi tak kunjung di kabulkan, pernah gak sih kalian berpikir, jika sesuatu itu Tuhan kasih hari ini sedangkan iman dan batin kita sendiri belum cukup kuat, bisa - bisa kita jadi sombong, di benci,  lalu di di jauhi seluruh orang atau bahkan jadi gila. Jika sudah begitu, siapa yang rugi? kita kan? Kalian ingat apa yang terjadi pada Britney Spears? dia kaya namun gila. Percuma.

Jadi percaya aja, Tuhan itu tahu mana yang bener - bener terbaik buat kita. Tuhan itu Maha Adil, Guys. Tuhan mengabulkan do'a kita, memberikan kemudahan, serta menunjukkan jalan terbaik, bisa jadi melalui seseorang yang ia tunjuk sebagai perantara untuk memberikan semua itu kepada kita. So, jangan kwatir, Tuhan itu selalu ada, selalu mendengar, dan diam - diam memberikan solusi.


Rabu, 19 Juni 2013

The Browi

I've spend my final exam in grade 11, so it's mean i only have about 9 month again to enjoy my high school. Oh my God, time run so fast day by day, right? I think yesterday i just a new student in my school, but now, i'm a senior in there. It's so afraid to imagine how i must study to my National Examination then my struggle doesn't stop there, i must study hard again to join test to get university i want. I feel my head will be explode every time i imagine that. My foot like didn't want to tread and my hand like want to stop the time. i'm not ready yet to being a student in grade 12 and then will be a college student. High school are tiring, but at least it's more safe than being a collenge student who  every her step will determine her future. Moreover, to imagine where i will study is so afraid. Oh God, can you make all this easier for me?


Senin, 17 Juni 2013

Laugh As Much As You Can

"I don't need much accessories to make my look seen cool. I just need "mix" my dress and be confident."


Kamis, 23 Mei 2013

Result from a Patience

I always amazed to people who can drive a car. They look so cute, handsome, beautiful, and wow. Since i was a kid, i have be determined to should drive a car someday. When i'm in Junior High School, i've ask my father to lessen me drive a car. But like another father, my father just say "yes" but then he was overlook my word. But at least, it's better than my mother's expression, she even say "no" in the first time i ask her. Then i still being patient, i wait until i'm became a senior high school's student then i plan to ask them again. But unfortunatly, when i had senior high school and i was in grade 10, my sister decide to join a driving course, whereas she said that she un-interested drive a car before. She think that driving just make her tired. But then she ask my mother to join a driving course then my mother agree, Oh My God it's unfair, right? Until finally i still be patient and wait my time, then at 2013 my parents allow me to join a driving course. Yes! you know how happy i'm. Yeah although actually, i ask my grandmother to ask  my mother to allow me join a driving course before. hehe but forget it, i know my grandmother so kind but the most important is after join a driving course a few month ago, i've can driving now. Alhamdulillah. Yuhuuuu i know, patience bring us to what we want.